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Telecom charges have skyrocketed out of control. Trends and technology are resulting in business dependence on wireless communications. The cost of telecommunications now ranks in the top five expenses for most companies.

DSR Management Solutions is a wireless telecommunication management and consulting company. Our company has a unique purpose. We concentrate solely on auditing cellular and paging bills. We seek and identify telecom errors/savings by performing detailed audits on our client's bills. Our auditing process allows us to take an array of data and produce a wide variety of reports to help you understand your cost savings. Such reports aid in controlling future cost reductions.

Upon client approval, DSR petitions the carrier for the appropriate refund which is reimbursed to your company.

DSR is not in the business of switching or selling any telecommunication services, nor are we connected with any telecom company. In fact, 70% of the clients never have to change carriers to realize a savings.

We also offer telecom help desk assistance in the form of a dedicated representative. Contact us to setup your free initial consultation.

We are devoted to ensuring our clients get the maximum benefits from our services today.

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